R1 PR1BINA - Expressway

Historically the first project of public-private partnership in the area of road infrastructure of such extent in Slovakia.

The project’s execution is based on the Concession Agreement closed between the Public Authority and the concessionaire on 23rd March 2009. Within the project, the concessionaire provides not only the construction, but also the financing, design and consequently a 30 year long operation and maintenance of the expressway R1-PR1BINA.

The project is divided into 4 sections with a total length of 51,6km:

  • 1. section Nitra, west - Selenec 12,6 km
  • 2. section Selenec - Beladice  19 km
  • 3. section Beladice - Tekovske Nemce  14,3 km
  • 4. section Banska Bystrica - nothern bypass  5,7 km

The main construction works commenced on 1st September 2009.

The section opening dates:

Nitra - Tekovské Nemce: 28th October 2011

Northern bypass Banská Bystrica - 27th July 2012

The concession lasts for 30 years, i. e. untill 2041 when the expressway will be handed back to the Public Authority.

Public Authority

Company GRANVIA, a.s. closed the Concession Agreement to execute this project with the Public Authority - The Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of SR.

Independent Engineer

The supervision of the project R1 PR1BINA is carried out by the independent engineer, company SGS spol. s r.o.